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Sophisticated idiot.
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This has probably been the shittiest fucking week ever!


My Brown Application has been submitted for awhile already, and I just had my interview this Saturday. I’m honestly scared shitless! Will I get in? Will I NOT get in? FUCK. Anyway, I just felt like rambling to myself since no one will probably read this. I just finished writing two letters to my future self. One that congratulates me for getting accepted and one….if i get denied admission. Either way I am trying to remain optimistic. If I get in it’s because it’s meant to be, and if I don’t, well then that’s not what my future intends for me. I just really hope I get in. I’ve never wanted something SO MUCH. I’m sure I’ll get into other good schools…but they won’t be the school that I want to get into. However, good luck to me, and hopefully I will have in my hand, an acceptance letter from the one and only Ive League in my God-forsaken heart, Brown fucking University lol.
Bye. :)

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